My first Frozen Cake!


Eeeeeeep!! I've been dying to make one of these since I first saw the film. *I FREAKING LOVE THIS FILM* And an old school friend of mine got in touch and asked me to make one for her daughters 2nd birthday.

I had a vision in my mind, with not a lot of notion as to how I'd put it in place. 

I'll admit it - I winged it completely. I knew I wanted to "frame" Elsa in some way. But the frame mould I bought, as lovely as it was - was tiny compared to the size of the cake. I had to improvise.

I took photos of pretty much every step so you can kind of gauge how it came together.

The "effect" was pretty simple. I rolled out the icing, laid an 9inch board on the top and without pressing down used my scalpel to draw a wavy boarder larger than the board itself.

Once I'd placed the image, I started on the frame. Like I said, I hadn't planned it in anyway so I had to make sure I did everything in symmetrical order ensuring that each roll of icing was the same size in length and thickness.

I love my silver paint and was so careful to paint over the frame. My plan was to use a grey base so the colour of the silver would be stronger.

And here it is! The cake in all it's glory! (With added Olaf)

Leigh Medway

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