Tuesday Tutorial: Plant Pots!

As voted for by you guys, here's the Plant Pot Tutorial (With Instructions)

1. Separate a portion of brown sugar paste into two.

2. With the largest ball of sugar paste, roll the icing much like you would on a pottery wheel - around the sides. This will flatten the bottom and maintain a pot like shape. Once the bottom of flat, turn over and repeat the other way round. Then use a fondant smoother to roll and compact it to bring the height back.

3.Using your ball tool, roll into the middle of the brown icing, being careful to maintain the shape - if needs be, re roll with the fondant smoother.

4. With the smaller portion of sugar paste, roll into a thin sausage and then roll out to create a thin, long rectangle.

5. Place the long sugar paste around the top of the pot.

6 & 7. Take a small amount of black icing and press it into the pot to create soil.

8. Separate lots of small green pieces of sugar paste and roll into balls.

9. Flatten the green balls slightly and pinch at one end. The use a scalpel or small knife to dent the icing to look like leaves.

10. Place the leaves at random points of the plant pot.

11. Using an appropriate size flower plunger, cut out small flowers and place them amongst the leaves around the edges.

12 & 13. Start building it up by adding more leaves and flowers in random places. If you'd like to give the centre more height, place another small ball of black fondant in the middle and cover with leaves and flowers.

14. Make small yellow balls and place in the middle of each flower.

And there you have it! Plant Pot toppers :)

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