Tutorial Tuesday: Fondant Pansy

*pssst* This is my first tutorial...

Following on from the gardening cake I made, the pansies were my favourite parts so I was clever enough to photograph each step! I love pansies, their colours are stunning and you always see an amazing mix. This may not be the most economical way of making the flowers, but it worked and gave me some wiggle room!

1. I rolled a portion of yellow relatively thick. I initially rolled the pink into a sausage and then rolled it out to slightly longer than the yellow. The two black discs were flattened from balls.

2. I laid them out, being cautious of distance between the pink and the black. I realised late that this really didn't matter. Nature isn't perfect so a little lack of symmetry won't hurt!

 3. I then slowly used my acrylic rolling pin to merge the colours. I would advice rolling separately along the pink strip first and then evenly rolling length and width across the black parts.

4. Using the small ball tool and then attempted to gently mix the colours. Remember not to press to hard with the tool otherwise you risk tearing the icing - and then you have to start all over again!

5. I think gently rolled over the strip again even out the thickness of the icing.

6. Next I used my smallest round cutter to create three petals.

7. Gently roll your petals. start in the middle of each and roll outwards and down in one direction (in a kind of curve) and then repeat towards the other direction.

8. Using your ball tool again, mix the colours further - again don't press to hard else you could tear the petals.

9. Assemble the two colour petal on the bottom, then overlay the other two across the middle. Move them about to find out which placement you prefer.

10. I used my blunt "knife" tool to then ridge the petals a bit more to (hopefully) make them more lifelike.

11. Then you can either place your flower or set it to dry. As with all fondant flowers, if you're going to place them at an angle on the cake, you will need to position it to try that way otherwise it will break.

12. One your pansy is in position, roll three small circles into each other and place in the middle of your flower. 

And there we have it! Feel free to rough it up a little to make it more lifelike. 

Would you like to see more tutorials like this one? Were you able to follow the instructions well? Let me know! This is my first ever tutorial so I'm open to tips!


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