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With the May Bank Holiday coming up in a few weeks, I thought I'd share a little post about Hastings, a popular seaside destination.
I lived in Hastings for a few years in my early 20s, and I still get to visit plenty as my mum still lives there!
Hastings is on the South Coast and famed for it's 1066 History. With plenty of historical sights to see, it's also a quaint seaside town that has plenty to do if you're planning a weekend away.
The main historic attractions can be found in Battle, just North of the town, but there is plenty to do in the centre too!
Hastings Castle
Built in the 11th century following the Battle of Hastings and was owned by many a royal and gentry over it's lifetime. Henry VIII ordered it's demise in the mid 16th century and the castle was left the wreck and ruin. Further destroyed by the World War II bombings, the once protector of the town now lays to rubble but is a beautiful site to walk around.
With dramatic views across the town and the sea, it's a stunning place to visit and contemplate, as well as an opportunity to take in the local history.
Old Town
As well as the city centre, Hastings boasts a quaint and eclectic strip of shops, known locally as Old Town. With gift shops, cafes and pubs, this town has retained it's historic charm over the years.
Jack O' The Green
For the May Day bank holiday, Hastings is a must! Their annual Jack O' The Green festival means plenty of Morris dancers, markets and celebrations for everyone.
For me, the main attraction is the May Day Ride Out. Every year, thousands is motorcyclists descend on Hastings and they come from literally everywhere! If you can bag a prime viewing spot on atop Pelham Crescent, then set up and watch the chaos descend! (But be warned - everyone knows this is the best spot so get there early!)

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