Cake International 2016

17th April saw Cake International hit Alexander Palace in London, and I was able to go for a the second time!

I was meaning to compete this year, but with everything that has been going on with work and my blog, I just wouldn't have been able to dedicate the time. Next year however, I'm on it!

Michelle from Kitchen Witch Cakes and I travelled up from Portsmouth, and we were both so excited. We went together last year and were in awe of the talent and range of pieces that were on show. 

Since taking a step back from caking, I've felt really disconnected and it was a great opportunity to marvel at the art form that I've been in love with for so many years!

I took over 300 photos. I'm not going to bore you with all of them, but these are a selection of my favourites. Unfortunately I forgot to photo the artists names in pretty much all of them, so I'll update them as and when I find them out! 

Remember - 99% of these creations are EDIBLE. This means that they have been made with temperamental materials which have to withstand gravity, heat, transportation and "sods law". The competition categories each have their own criteria, some area allowed internal supports some aren't. 

As soon as you walked in, Maleficent was there to greet you. I've been in love with the Maleficent story since I saw the film a couple of years ago, and seeing this beauty in all it's glory was fantastic. 

To celebrate the release of the new film, these edible superheroes were created specifically for the events and stood at approx 7ft. 

This showgirl was created by the fantastic Mama Rhu, based just up the road from me in Waterlooville. I found her classes when I first started caking, and although I'm yet to attend one, I'm always in awe of Rhu's talent and precision when it comes to created lifelike figurines. 

This one caught my eye and it's really stuck with me. I love the colours but the main thing for me is how close to my drawing style this one is. I'm yet to share any of my drawings on my blog, but I love mendhi inspired designs which lots of patterns - if I had the imagination this could easily be something I'd create. Though admittedly, I wouldn't be able to execute it anywhere nearly as brilliantly.

I have 3 favourite cakes from the show, though to be honest I couldn't rank them if I tried. This Toy Box style cake is so incredibly perfect, I couldn't stop staring at it for ages. Everytime you look at it, you notice something different and it's so accurately designed that I'm completely astounded by it. THIS IS ICING GUYS!!

To put it into context; baking and covering a cake alone can take 2-3 hours. This Bonnie and Clyde cake has 4 cakes. The board alone, can take a couple of hours. Then look at those figures! That car! That Wanted sign! I just can't. Nope. I'd love to know what the baker would prices this at. My guess; in excess of £300+

And last, but certainly not least in any lifetime EVER...

The notion behind this one was, "What if cupcakes were living things?"

I tried to capture as much detail as possible in these photos...

But photographs will never do the cake justice.


This is the stage I will get to. It's not even a "want" anymore. I'm going to get there.

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  1. It's amazing how ALL of these are made out of cake - I don't know how they do it! x