Day 60 - 365 Challenge

Oh Bank Holiday Monday. I love you, I love you, I love you.

The day started out as looking pretty non eventful. Or at least, it did until I remember that my fella had got pretty hammered last night and I'd get to wind him up about his hangover ALL day. 

And then I remembered that I'd invited last night's host, my best friend Dave, round for dinner for his birthday. 

Yaaaay Dave!

So we had an impromptu DaveDay. Previously reserved for every Wednesday where we catch up over dinner, we invited him round and J had drunkenly promised him steak. 

So of course, we delivered.

*Vegetarians, look away NOW*

I freaking love steak. But there's a catch; it has to be really rare. 

I used to dislike steak, whenever I'd been served it, I dreaded the whole affair because it never tasted nice, it was never easy to eat and I generally never finished it.

And then J made steak for me and it all changed. 

It's not that I don't like steak. I just don't like cooked steak! 

Leigh Medway

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