Day 61 - 365 Challenge

So I actually knew about this last Wednesday BUT I had to wait for it to be officially announced before I could really talk about it...


It's been an awesome 8 months since I started working with my company, and everyone has been so supportive and helpful when it comes to learning my role. 

When I left my old job, I was taken from quite a senior role and I chose to take a position that would allow me to grow with a new company - as opposed to stepping right in and taking charge. 

It was important for me to understand the business, the culture and the processes before I leapt straight in and over the last few months I've been doing just that!

Just under two weeks ago I presented to my Senior Management Team and a few days later I was told the good news.

It's an amazing achievement; this time last year I doubted my ability and strength quite drastically and right now I feel like I can accomplish anything. 

My manager, who I will be taking over from, has been an awesome mentor (but don't tell him I said that) and my team have been absolutely fantastic. People I have barely worked with wished me luck, and have congratulated me on my promotion. 

It's been an awesome day that started with a knighting ceremony (because that's how we roll) and I'm really excited for the next step in my career journey!

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