Day 70 - 365 Challenge

Wednesday I got my bike. And just before I went to bed, after all of the excitement, I had the urge to run. 

This isn't a feeling I get often, and I'll be honest - I was quite shocked to find that I felt the need to run  in the first place - very uncharacteristic. I quashed the feeling and went to sleep. Me? Run? Psh.

And then I woke up Thursday morning, and I still wanted to run. What's going on? What's wrong with me??

Thankfully I had work so there was little I could do during the day. 

But when I got home the feeling was STILL there. I still wanted to go for that run and I literally couldn't shake it.

We have Munchkin on Thursday nights, and I try to avoid doing as much as possibly so I can spend time with him. I got home, and sneaked my gear on, hoping not to get questioned about my sudden change of personality. 

But they noticed. I asked munchkin in a throwaway comment, if he wanted to come with me.

He said yes. Munchkin isn't what I'd call lazy, but given the option - sofa and films is where it's at.

But he came with me. We went for a run. We managed 0.5 miles and we both ran the whole thing. 

EDIT: I thought this would get rid of the feeling and I'd be able to carry on as normal. But I've woken up (it's Friday morning) and I want to go for a run before work. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??

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  1. This sounds serious. Im not sure how to cure it but if you get yourself a nice bout of lazyitius that should work! Best of luck dear xx