Day 71 - 365 Challenge

As soon as I ordered my bike, my best friend and I decided we'd go out on a bike ride together. 

She's had her bike for ages but rarely gets a chance to go out on it and to be honest, I just wanted to use mine!

This was my first proper bike ride in soo long and I was pretty hesitant; mainly because I didn't know how I'd fare. But Kat was really patient with me and we rode about 5-6 miles in the end!

I didn't falter too much, I didn't fall and I didn't go into any parked cars so I've deemed this as a massive success!

Now I just want t get out on it again!

Leigh Medway

Cat Lady, Cake enthusiast, dreamer, failing wanderluster and classic British moaner. TheGirlGang member!

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