My FitBit Week 1

As you may have seen from my Positive Changes post - I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. Part and parcel of this was treating myself to a FitBit.

I've wanted one for a little while - my Step Mum was bought one at Christmas and it thought it was pretty cool; the idea of being able to how many steps you take was pretty impressive to me.

So when I upped my healthy game, I decided to treat myself!

I looked at a couple of different fitness monitors - one being the Jawbone (mainly cos my bestie has one and we'd probably compare ALL of the time) but I went with the FitBit because of the screen.

My FitBit arrived on Tuesday. Which, conveniently was the day I went into BurnOut. 

What does that mean? It means I was ill. Roughly, sneezy, snotty ill and pretty much unable to function. So I couldn't give my new toy a proper run out.

Wednesday and Thursday came and went in the same way - ill. This time it had gone to  my chest completely and I was struggling to catch my breath or do anything without getting out of breath. Getting out for a run was out of the questions to be honest - I didn't want to risk making myself worse. 

But Friday I was feeling a little better but still struggling and Saturday was miserable as sin weather wise so I took the take to chill. 

I started wearing my watch straight away. It's an awesome new gadget so I was always going to get straight on the bandwagon. 

What I didn't expect was to suddenly question my entire lifestyle. 

The best part for me about owning the FitBit is that not only is it going to be great for exercising. But I can see how I've been living my life before I decided to up the ante - and it's shocking.

These are screenshots from my phone after my first 3 and a half days of wearing. At my time of writing this - it's Saturday. 


As I've whined about previously - I am always tired. I eat the wrong stuff and I generally feel shattered 90% of the time without any medical reasoning. I can finally gauge why!

I'm not having a fulfilling enough sleep. In fact, according to my FitBit I'm only 65% sleep efficient. There could be many reasons why I'm not really sleeping through - diet, the cats, stress - but one things for sure - I need to sort it out. The bags under my eyes are starting to carry their own luggage and I am not happy about it.

Note: It's not down to being over sensitive either. J got one at the same time as me and we started wearing them together. His first night with his FitBit - 7 hours solid sleep. They're on the same settings and we sleep next to each other. 

Heart Rate

I've never paid attention to my Heart Rate. I've never needed to but that is basically how the FitBit gathers most of it's data. It's how it can tell me that I'm rubbish at sleeping. I posted a blog a few months ago about how it could potentially help identify anxiety or panic attacks. Mine are fewer and further between nowadays but again this will help identify these. 

Back to this week and sweet jesus I need to address this. No wonder I struggle to put on any weight - I am constantly in a fat burning zone. Apparently my heart rate sits pretty average in terms of age and weight but I'm still not happy with it.

See the yellow peaks - FAT BURNING ZONES! I HAVE NO FAT TO BURN! I'm literally eating away at myself. I was burning fat for 2 and a half hours yesterday and I didn't exercise once. Sheesh.


The original reason I purchased my FitBit: How much walking do I actually do every day?

I am a taxi ordering, lift stealing, couch sitting Lazy when it comes to going anywhere. So I'm not surprised that I'm still yet to reach the 10,000 recommended steps per day - even though this week I have been trying!

As an example, today, I walked to town and back. Normally I'd bus it but I made the decision to walk and I'm still not at my target! 


As I mentioned before, I suck at drinking water. Not because I don't like water but I just prefer tea. Lovely lovely tea. 

But one of the best features of the app is that you can log the amount of water you drink everyday. This is an excellent way for me to see how rubbish I've been at hydrating myself.

As you can see from Wednesday - novelty of a tracker kicked in and I drank lots. But it was short-lived. 

Today I've been a lot more on top of things and I'm managing. At the moment. 

The thing about the FitBit is that it won't help you lose weight. It won't help you get healthier and it won't single handedly change your life. 

What it will do is make you so much more aware and it turns your health into a realtime visible thing that you can change and develop. 

I'm going to post updates every now and then as to how I'm doing. It's important for me to see how I'm progressing and what is going on with my body. 

Let's face it - it hasn't exactly helped by not paying attention has it?

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