My Make & Bake Wishlist

Make & Bake Wishlist

One of my favourite things to do is stare longingly at recipes on Pinterest. Seriously.

It started off as cake and cupcake recipes, and then doughnuts, cookies, and then truffles, then fudge. My Make and Bake Pinterest Board is now overflowing with tasty creations that I've yet to make.

In an attempt to kick my butt into gear into actually baking these beautiful creations, I thought I'd put together my Wishlist; the ones I've been desperate to try since I started my quest for yummy and calorie inducing treats.

Each of these recipes are taken from other foodies, bloggers and Cakey masterminds, I've included all the links where I can, as well as their original photos!

Cherry Fudge with Dark Chocolate Fudge

A flavour mix that's really intriguing me at the moment is the Cherry and Chocolate mix. There's a cake as well that I've been eying up but I'm also yet to try. Either way, this gorgeous recipe looks amazing and I can't wait to fill my face with these!

I'm yet to delve into the world of Macarons; a treated myself to a tray a few months ago but I haven't had a chance to experiment. I just adore the colour of these, it's suggested that they form part of a 4th July collection so maybe that'll give me an excuse?

My favourite breakfast is raisin bread, it just starts my day off happy and it's filling enough without making me feel sluggish. I dread to think how many loaves of the stuff I buy so I really should get baking!

I'm a massive lover of Spanish and Mexican food, and my favourite restaurant chain Las Iguanas introduced me to Churros. One of my main concern with making these have always been with the frying aspect - I don't do fat frying.

I have a mild fear of meringues and I'm not scared to admit it. It's something about the constant mixing and the risk of it going horrible wrong has held me back but these beauties have inspired me to face my fears! The idea of the orange mixed in just puts a smile on my face and I'm quite excited to try them in the near future!

Awesome little balls of lemony goodness? I THINK SO! I love the idea of having a stash of these to sneak before dinner every evening. I don't think I've ever really even tried truffles before. But I love citric tastes so these are a definite must on my list!

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