Positive Steps towards Positive Changes

I've never looked after myself. It's pretty bad to be honest. 

I've never abused my body and I wrap myself in cotton wool so as not to visually injure myself. But when asked about my health my go-to comment is: My Arteries Are Screaming.

When you're slim, it's difficult to discuss your health. It's always been a massive issue for me that I can't freely discuss my health and weight concerns without receiving a snide comment back. 

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Being slim doesn't mean you're healthy!!

I am very lucky, please don't think I'm ungrateful for the skin I'm in; I'm not. I've been so fortunate to have been able to get away with the diet and lifestyle I have for so long without it becoming a real detriment but sometimes I really hate the way I feel. 

I am tired all of the time. I've had blood tests - the only thing that could medically link to this is a Folic Acid deficiency. I literally cannot get through some days without napping. I feel demotivated a lot and find it difficult to get going. 

I'm also pretty miserable. Which I'm fine with .... but apparently people prefer happy people. Psh.

The long and short of it; these can be influenced and dictated to by both diet and exercise. 

And this is what this post is about. How I'm changing the way I feel. I will post another time about my weight and food issues, but for now I'm going with positivity. 

Positive Steps towards Positive Changes


This was the first thing I changed. I've installed a sleep app on my phone called "Pillow" and it basically wakes me up when I'm in the right stage of my sleep cycle.

I loooove sleep. It's always been one of my favourite things to do, but over the last year I've noticed that there has been a shift in my attitude towards it. Beforehand I'd be happy to laze in bed all day, dozing in-between trawling through countless pinterest boards. 

However, in the last 12 - 18 months, I've become an Early Bird. I generally haven't slept past 9am in a long time. My average waking time has been 6am and I get more stuff done in the mornings. I tried to fight it for a good few months, but I'm now just going to go with it. 

As soon as I'm awake, I get up. I have my tea and I start my day. Yes I end up winding down about 9:30 - 10ish but I'm ok with that. I'm embracing my Morning Persona and it's working out pretty well so far.

Turn It Off

One of the features of the Pillow app is that you can make notes on what you've done before bed to spot trends. Historically I've always been one to work right up until I fall asleep or fall asleep with TV on in the background. 

I thought about it and I wondered how much I'd benefit from getting rid of the electronic fuzz before bed time. The jury is out of this one, but one thing that has helped is turning the laptop off about an hour before I want to go to bed. And the best part is that it's given me an opportunity to read!


I guess the second stage of my revelation was the purchase of my bike. After 22 years of avoiding the 2 wheeled beastie, I swallowed my fear and made the leap.

I absolutely love it.

So far, I've been on two rides - both along Southsea seafront, and I never realised how awesome it would make me feel. 

Yes, my legs hurt. Yes, the saddle has made me feel like I've got a bruised bum. But who cares when you feel as free as I have done this week?


After purchasing my bike, that evening I had the urge to run. I have no idea why; what was possessing me but I wanted to go for a run. 

So I did. The following evening I got home and got my exercise gear on. I only ran half a mile around the block but it felt good. The next morning I did the same - this one didn't feel as good. But even so; I did it!

I'm not running for anything in particular other than to get my blood flowing but I'm going to set myself some goals once I really get into a routine. 

The main aim for this one is that it encourages me to stop smoking.


Believe it or not; this is the hardest of them all for me. 

I have never drunk enough water. Ever. I like water, I enjoy a refreshing glass of water every now and then but I have another love in my life


I quite simply would rather make a cup of tea than drink a bottle of water. That's just the way it is - I wish I had a better excuse but I don't. I'm too lazy to go for the easy option. 

But this is something I'm working on. I've got the Plant Nanny App on my phone and I'm going to really give it a good go - especially with all the new found exertion I'm going to be putting myself through!

Leigh Medway

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  1. I hate that idea that just because you are slim, it automatically makes you healthy. I am naturally a small person, but I've only just started getting back into looking after my body. I've started a sport but I've been meaning to get back into running for a while, maybe I should just go for it! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Lovely post. It's important to follow these step to be more positive. As for me, when I feel a little bit negative, I sleep and when I wake up I force myself to be positive and that's all, my mood lift up.

    Love, Fads