Sunday Funday: Beaulieu

What's better than an adventure day with the boy? AN ADVENTURE DAY WITH THE BOY AND MUNCHKIN!!

[standard group photo face]

We knew we wanted to go on an adventure. And we knew that we were going to end up in the New Forest.

J doesn't have wellies. Me and munchkin are clearly far superior to him.

We started off at Lyndhurst. I remember travelling there when I was younger. When my Nan and Grandad would come to visit, we'd all go for a trek across the park and run away from the horses. Because I was a wimp.

D was so excited to get climbing up the "mountains" and he loved being near the horses.

But it started to get windy, and the area at Lyndhurst is very open so we decided to move further up to find some actually forest to go walking in. We didn't bring out wellies for nothing!


Apparently, we did. We ended up at Beaulieu. There was a Ford event on, and because we were in some form of Ford vehicle (I have no idea) - we got discount to the museum and grounds. Huzzah!

I'm NOT a car person, so the museum aspect didn't really thrill me. Until I got to the motorcycles, but unfortunately the lighting was rubbish and I didn't get any decent shots.

The grounds were much more my kind of thing. The house itself is a beautiful museum of artwork and victorian lifestyle. 

I wasn't sure of the policy for taking photos in the house itself so I resisted.

We rode the monorail (D's definitive demand) and walked around the gardens.

Would I go again? Probably not. Nor would I pay the full price to enter. The fella really enjoyed it, but I think the monorail was the highlight for me and munchkin!

Leigh Medway

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  1. Ohhh the old house looks amazing. I want to live in a castle :(

    Corinne x

  2. I love going on a adventure! lol. You guys look like you had fun xx