The First Saturday of Summer

As far as Saturdays go; this one was pretty epic.

It was the first day of this year, where I was able to leave the house without a coat. It was the first day that I spent in our garden and it was the first time in a long time that I indulged in some afternoon tipples. 

Pancakes for breakfast? Hell yes!

We bought a crepe maker a little while ago (yes, we really do have pancakes that often that we can justify a full crepe maker) and today was my first attempt at using it; the other half just has a knack for it. 

And then it was time to sit out in the garden and take in the morning sun. 

My cats are both indoor cats however Nando has a certain inquisitiveness that meant we just had to let her outside. Being the overly protective owner that I am - she has to be on a lead for the time being but she loves being outside and sunning herself on the grass. And trying to eat the dandelions.

We headed into Southsea to pick up a few Saturday essentials (cake) and the Love Southsea Market was on in Palmerstone Road. Both myself and Cat were drawn to this gorgeous macaron stand and snapped a box up each. I can't wait to try these beauties and I'll be telling you all about it when I do!

We spent the afternoon lazing with some drinks and the sun. Whilst filling out faces with camembert, chorizo, mini cheddars and cake. Saturday done right.

A quick house blitz after Cat left and our bedroom is looking splendid. I dug out  my old work shoes so they could be more accessible. It wasn't until I got them out that I realised that these probably won't be my work shoes anymore - I don't think I'll be able to get away with it!

As I caught up on blog stuff, listening to the fella noodle about on the guitar, Nando is passed out in the conservatory refusing to face the world because she's had such a hard day of adventuring.

Summer 2016, thanks for turning up!

Leigh Medway

Cat Lady, Cake enthusiast, dreamer, failing wanderluster and classic British moaner. TheGirlGang member!


  1. Nando is so cute :). I also enjoyed a afternoon tipple lol. Here's to more sunny weekends! x

  2. This post made me feel so happy and summery! Hopefully we have a lot more sunny days like that. Also how cute is Nando?! She's adorable 😊