Wroclaw, Poland

2 weeks ago I was invited to Poland on a business trip. Now my job isn't something that generally requires offsite visits so this was a pretty exciting opportunity for me. 

As some of you may be aware, I'm very green when it comes to travelling, having only ever left the country once before, so the range of options that came with this experience was varied.

I can't go into detail about the client visit itself, for obvious reasons. But I can tell you about the beautiful city that is Wroclaw. 

It was a 24 hour trip so we were limited in the amount of exploring we could do, but once we'd packed up from our meeting, we were able to galavant around the city and see what was on offer. 

We stayed right in the city centre at the Art Hotel so we dropped of our bags and got ready for an evening of exploring. 

The town centre of Wroclaw id quite simply a massive square lined with shops, restaurants and bars with the central point being the Old Town Hall - a truly gorgeous building dating back hundreds of years.

One of the main things that caught of eye when researching about Wroclaw - the Drawfs.

In 2001 to commemorate an anti-communism movement, a dwaft was placed on the street of Wroclaw. Over the years, the number of figurines has grown to 300 throughout the city. I managed to photograph 4 and spot about 6-7 (unfortunately the lighting was rubbish quite early on)

I'm not the most adventurous of diners, so when it came to choosing where to have our evening meal, I was hesitant. I had no idea what the cuisine was like in Poland, but in a rare moment of "When in Rome" we went for a traditional style restaurant. 

We opted for Karczma Lwowska. Beautifully decorated, the restaurant had a gorgeous homely feel to it and the service was very good. I had no idea what I was ordering and I very nearly regretted my choices after my starter!

Maryonwane maslaki
I thought this would be a safe option - mushrooms. A recent addition to my diet, I've been loving them so I thought this would be a good choice. 

Anyone who has ever had any form of issue with food will relate to the next experience. 

The starters arrived. They were placed in front of me. I don't know what I expected, but cold mushrooms in vinegar was not high on the list. I tried. Really I tried to eat them. I must have manage 3/4 of the smaller ones, but I just couldn't eat the whole dish. Why anyone would eat cold mushrooms is beyond me, let alone pickled. But I was with our client, I couldn't be rude and completely disregard the dish! Could I? Who knows, but I did. I made my apologies and eagerly awaiting the main course. 

I can't find the name of the dish that I had for my main course but it was pork in a hunters sauce and it was AMAZING! I was so happy after my experience with the mushrooms :') One thing to bear in mind - the meat dishes do not come with anything else. You will need to order any potatoes or vegetables separately. I didn't realise this, but to be honest, the pork was more than enough for me. 

For afters I had a warm vanilla cheesecake - fanbloodytastic. 

After dinner, we were given a mini tour of the city, taking in the University and Canal walks.

To round our evening off, we found the Spiz brewery in the town centre, which sells amazing honey beer!

I treated myself to a half and we ambled our way back to our hotel, ready for our 4am journey to the airport. 

Leigh Medway

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  1. It looks lovely! xx


    1. It really was Claire, I don't know what I expected but it was such an awesome place - would love to go for longer next time so I can explore more in the daylight! xx