The Mid Year Round Up

It's been such an awesome year so far, so I thought I'd put together a bit of a round up of my accomplishments, adventures and general thoughts about the first half of 2016.


First and foremost, look at this little beauty! After dabbling with blogging over the years, I decided to really jump in feet first. Previously a solely cake focused blog, I opened it out to lifestyle in January and it was probably the best decision I could have made both professionally and personally.

It's encouraged me to do more, see more and generally be a little more adventurous in all aspects of my life and I can already feel like I'm growing as a person.

Our New Home

At the end of January, we moved into our new home - a quaint little terraced in Southsea and it's been a great move. Having lived in flats for so many years, we finally have an upstairs and a garden. I also have a dining table for the first time of my grown up years so I'm able to craft and create a lot easier!

My Best Friends Wedding

After waiting what felt like FOREVER, my best friend got married in February of this year and it was beautiful. I went on my first ever hen do, and I was maid of honour to my soul-sister. It was an amazing honour and I am so proud of her and her husband. 

Adventure Days

Me and my other half are always busy. We probably have 1 or 2 days nights every fortnight where it's just us without anyone else around so we've decided to make the most of them.

One of my Wishlist destinations for this year was Stonehenge and we headed over there in March. It was a gorgeous day spent shopping in Salisbury and then trekking around the standing stones.

We've also visited Bird World, Beaulieau and The New Forest so far and each day has been lovely.

Solo Travel

In April, I was given the opportunity to visit Poland with work. It was a massively daunting experience for me as I'd only ever been abroad once before and that was with my other half. But the trip was brilliant and definitely boosted my confidence when it comes to travelling.

Wroclaw itself was really nice, with gorgeous buildings and culture, you can read about my trip here 


Since starting my new job in August last year, I've been working towards a goal. I originally set myself the target of getting it by the end of 2016, but in April I had the opportunity to go for an interview for a Management role and successfully bagged myself a new Job Title!

It's always awesome when you reach a goal, let alone when you reach it earlier than expected. It's going to mean a log of hard work and no doubt some long days but I'm so excited to be taking the leap!

I'm a month in at the moment - I won't say it's easier, but it's definitely an awesome experience. I feel like I'm doing ok (it's so weird that learning when you're an adult is so different to learning as a child - there's no test to say that you're getting it right!)

Health & Fitness

In the grand scheme of things, I've only taken baby steps towards my health and fitness improvements. I'm a massive creature of habit, and my habit it quite simply to be lazy. Whether it's the notion of cooking a decent dinner or getting off my arse and walking the extra few metres to get somewhere - I typically cannot be bothered. 

But I *have* made steps to change this, I invested in a bicycle and I've invested in a FitBit. Obviously these are both tools to for what I want to do - I still need to have the Get Up and Go to, well, Get Up and Go. But the FitBit alone has helped me - I'm more conscious of how LITTLE I do every day which ultimately, means I actively try and do a little more more. 

Plus, I absolutely ADORE my bike. It's the cutest thing ever. FACT. And I already get grumpy if I con't go out on it at least once a week. 

The Next 6 Months...

I have a lot planned so I can honestly say I'm looking on the next half of 2016 with serious excitement.

In July we're off to Rome, somewhere I've wanted to go since I remember dreaming about holidays. There's going to be so much to cram into 6 days but I literally can't wait!

In October time, I'm hoping to go away again for a long weekend, this time hopefully to Berlin! After an evening of tea and gossip, me and my friend M decided we should just go for it - we're yet to book anything (mainly because we both have other things to pay for!) but it's going to be awesome to see another beautiful and cultural city this year. 

I also have a gig coming up - I'm off to see Placebo! One of my favourite bands of all time, I last saw them in 2007 on their Meds tour. A band that saw me through some pretty emotional times, I'm excited to see how much they've grown in almost TEN YEARS (Wait, when did that happen?). 

I'm also hoping to restart my driving lessons. It's been 2 years since I decided I wanted to learn how to drive but for one reason or another; I've been stop/starting. Once I've found a routine with my new role and have all of our plans and finances in place, I hope to get back on the road and be a fully fledged driver by the end of 2016!

How is your 2016 going so far? What have you got planned for the rest of the year? Let me know, I'd love to hear what everyone is up to :)


Leigh Medway

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