Our City Garden

Back in January we moved into our little home in Southsea, and for the first time in our 4 years together, we have a garden!

It's not massive, but it's tres cute so we wanted to make the most of it for summer. 

J is a Landscape Gardener, so in reason years he's taken a liking to flowers and plants which will only work in our favour as we venture into the world of gardening. Because I am clueless.

I've bought the odd potted plant in the past, but predictably killed them. So with J's help, I hope to be able to keep some pretties in the garden!

We ventured up to Keydells a few weeks ago and treated ourselves to some lovelies and proceeded to spend the entire weekend outside potting them and rearranging our garden to a cosy and bright space!

One must-have on my list were Fuchsias. I remember each of my grandparents having them in their gardens growing up, so I wanted to bring some of that nostalgia to our home.

And then I found these beauties - Dahlias! How stunning are they? They're my new favourite flowers. The only problem is that slugs freaking love them, and it's a constant battle between pretty vs slime.

Look at them all! This was taken a few days after we'd finished potting everything and the little buggers were EVERYWHERE!!

We found these pots in the sale part of Keydells and bought two, one for our lavender and one for this collection. 

These were the first flowers that I potted and J is confident that I overcrowded them but I couldn't resist - they're just too adorable together!

Another favourite of mine were these Canterbury Bells - they're such a beautiful and unique shape!

It's so nice to have a pretty garden to spend our summer evenings in!


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